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julia houriet custom gardening perennial bed installation

Julia Houriet Custom Gardening is not just another noisy landscaping company. Our skilled gardeners care for your landscape with hand powered tools and a belief that the needs of the home owner and the needs of Mother Nature are compatible and mutually beneficial. Low environmental impact gardening ("organic") frees you from the danger and cost of toxic petroleum based chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides and herbicides. Our mantra/motto is 'Feed the soil and it will feed you'.

Gardening Specialties:

Julia Houriet Custom Gardening Garden Specialists

You will find our gardeners to be skilled, polite, on time, clean, careful, and English speaking. They come in all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. All share a love for the plant kingdom and a desire to work outdoors.

new front walkway

Just installed stepping stone walkway

jhcg staff

Patio installation

jhcg staff

Garden bed preparation

planting large shrubs

Subcontractors planting large shrubs

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